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38 Ways On How To Dress Like Kim Kardashian: Look Number 3

In all the years that l personally have spent watching Kim Kardashian’s look, what I have noticed is that over the years her look has evolved. Years before, she used to wear all sorts of different looks, looking back at them now some of them don’t define the superstar that she has become, though they are a big part of her as she had to experiment with all those different looks to discover what works for her. At that time she was still on a journey of discovering who she is.

We have all gone through that process, that process is called growing up and discovering yourself. When l look back on some of the things that l used to wear in my twenties, l shake my head. We have all been guilty of a few fashion crimes in our lives. I for one can testify to such fashion crimes, thank goodness it’s all a distant memory now. For Kim Kardashian now it seems like she is in a good place and she now knows what works for her, she is now a successful business woman who is running an empire and bringing up four beautiful children at the same time. Hopefully she is trying to instill in them some good morals and family values to make them become good citizens like we all are doing the same with our own kids in different parts of the world.

Today l am posting look number 3. Kim Kardashian’s look is not as shiny as the one that l have posted, but it’s figure hugging, just like the one that l have posted. I love this look especially because it’s classy, sexy and feminine all at the same time. After all that’s what being a confident woman is all about. Revealing all those qualities and expressing yourself under any circumstances without looking musculine. Who said you have to look like a man to prove a point. There is nothing musculine at all about this look. Not that there is anything wrong about looking like a man. But the point is we are women who are happy in our own skin and happy for the world to know it. After all in every happy home, there is a woman pulling all the strings to make it so LOL.

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