kkw look number 4

38 Ways To Dress Like Kim Kardashian For Less : Look Number 4

In this look Kim Kardashian looks casual, relaxed and yet sexy.

To steal her look l have included a beautiful lacy body suit and a two – tone pair of jeans. There is just something about lace weather it’s worn as an under garment or outer garment that says: I am a woman, l am feminine and l am not afraid to show it off.

Jeans are a timeless classic and almost every woman has at least a pair in her closet as they can go with most looks. You can dress them up or down, depending with the look one is going for.

In this look Kim Kardashian paired them up with a pair of reptile print boots to complete her look. One can also complete this look with a pair of strappy heels as that would also work with this look.

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