kkw look number 6

38 Ways To Dress Like Kim Kardashian For Less : Look Number 6

The blazer dress is trending in 2021. Any form of a blazer is one of the staples that every lady should have at least one of them in her closet. It’s a timeless classic which is always evolving time and time again. Whether you are wearing one with lapels or not, it’s definately here and it’s trending. The good thing is that one can wear it with a pair of jeans, a dress, a pair of trousers, a skirt, leggings or anything that one can think of and you would still look fantastic no matter which way or form you wear it in.

However, today we are focusing on the blazer dress. Anyone who dares to show off her legs can carry it off beautifully.

To keep up with one of the latest trends, l have posted a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a blazer dress and she is pulling it off beautifully as she does on most of her looks. She is showing off her well toned legs which is making me make a promise to myself to get up early from tomorrow morning before the kids get up, and do some yoga. I absolutely love yoga as it is a gentle exercise that refreshes me and keeps me fit. Years ago, my husband and l used to enjoy walking, we used to brisk walk for at least four hours in a day and l have to say l used to look quite amazing in those days as l was very well toned and fit. But, nowadays l can’t do it as l have young children, who are at home with me most days because of the covid 19 situation. Later on after the covid 19 pandemic l intend to do that again as exercing outdoors and getting fresh air is the best form of exercise one can get, unlike doing it indoors, but for now it will have to do. Sorry I am blabbering on about myself, not that l am a self centered person but l can’t help it sometimes LOL.

To steal Kim Kardashian’s look l have also posted the blazer dress alongside it. It’s absolutely stunning, durable and doesn’t in anyway look cheap, but of course it’s quite affordable, who says you have to pay a fortune to look amazing. Smart people look for the best deals available and espritmeadows.com certainly delivers especially on this dress. Toodles……

kkw look number 4

38 Ways To Dress Like Kim Kardashian For Less : Look Number 4

In this look Kim Kardashian looks casual, relaxed and yet sexy.

To steal her look l have included a beautiful lacy body suit and a two – tone pair of jeans. There is just something about lace weather it’s worn as an under garment or outer garment that says: I am a woman, l am feminine and l am not afraid to show it off.

Jeans are a timeless classic and almost every woman has at least a pair in her closet as they can go with most looks. You can dress them up or down, depending with the look one is going for.

In this look Kim Kardashian paired them up with a pair of reptile print boots to complete her look. One can also complete this look with a pair of strappy heels as that would also work with this look.

kkw look 27

38 Ways To Dress Like Kim Kardashian For Less


It’s very sad to say good bye to KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS after 20 seasons. Personally , watching this reality Television show has picked me up when l am down, kept me company when I am lonely as my husband is slaving away as he is always out of the country for half the year working in England so as to put bread and butter on our table, which means it’s only me and the kids for six months in a year. This show has taught me a lot of things especially about fashion, as the Kardashians are always on point and at the forefront of trending fashion.

The Kardashian family has taught us the value of family. As a family unit, together we are stronger, divided we fall. What an amazing lesson we have learnt from this amazing family, whom we have grown to love especially about how they always keep it real. As l bring up my kids I am instilling in them the value of family as l didn’t have that growing up, I want all my kids to be close and have each other’s backs as l have seen what amazing things it can do for them. Cheers to the Kardashians for that amazing lesson……..#’We will miss you so much and all your drama LOL.’ But thank you so much for letting us all see the journey of life that you have partaked in for the past decade and a half. It has been amazing to watch the American dream especially for us in Africa, to see what the other people live like in other parts of the world. It’s an absolute dream, but you have let us in to live it with you, though it is a reality for you, it has been quite a journey and for that we will forever be grateful to you. We wish you all the best in all your future endevours.

What my kids and l enjoyed about the Kardashians the most were their style, they certainly are stylish and are not afraid to experiment and to explore on different styles. From the oldest lady of the family, being their Mother Kris # ‘The Mommager’ very inspiring Mother’ #Kris, most Mothers wish they had united, beautiful and successful children like yours.’ To the youngest lady, Kylie Jenner,# the baby of the family’ # Kylie we all wish we had lips like yours’ #Kourtney has always been more family oriented and puts her kids above anything else and the handsome Scott Dick is an involved dad that more Mothers wish they had for their kids. #Scot Dissick not only are you handsome LOL but you are an amazing dad to your kids # we all wish that one day you and Kourtney will get back together.’

Some of the Kardashian’s fashion styles were eye popping and got our toungues wagging, but the rest were just waal, l wish l could have that or l wish I could dress like that. Which is quite refreshing for most women as it gives them an idea on how to make them dress in a way that will flatter their figures and make them feel good and confident in themselves. But most importantly how to make their husbands or man fall in love with them all over again LOL.

My personal favourite throughout the show has been Kim Kardashian. Following right behind her is Khloe simply because she is adorable and speaks her mind. Then Kylie because she is the baby of the family and yet has achieved so much from her cosmetics company which we love so much. Then comes Kendal the Gazzelle of the family. A SUPERMODEL , perfect in every way. There is nothing you can fault her, she is absolutely stunning and everything looks so good on her.

Why is Kim Kardashian my most favourite? Number one it makes sense because she is in my age group and l want to see what my peers are dressing like .I don’t want to dress like a granny yet and embarrass my kids, especially when l am seen with them or is it when their friends see me with them LOL.

Number 2. because her fashion sense is quite daring, it’s like she is saying l dare you. I mean realistictically, how many women after child birth in their late thirties and early forties can dress like her LOL. Most of us working class people at that age would rather dress in a more reserved manner as we no longer look like we used to do before. But my hat goes out to her as she does have an amazing figure, which encourages us to do yoga in the mornings or do whatever form of exercise we can fit in our busy schedules to try and maintain our figures or what’s left of it after we have carried our kids for nine months and breastfed them. Though most of us don’t have even a quarter of the support she gets but #” such is life.” We still love her anyway as she inspires us……

Myself being an African woman with curves as most African women posses, It’s been quite amazing to follow her journey. Though she is not an African, but is of Armenian descent, her body speaks a universal language which people from most parts of the world can relate to. Her style has inspired me in more ways than one. It has taught me that l should not be afraid to show off my natural curves# “l am a beautiful African woman and l should embrass my femininity”…… Also #” It feels good to be a woman as l am the Peace Maker in my immediate family and l am also the glue that holds my family together.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star has an amazing taste of style in dressing. She is one of the leading women who have set the bar high in showing and proving to the younger women all over the world that you don’t have to be stick thin to be beautifuI and to make people take notice and pay attention in what you stand up for or whatever cause you are advocating.

I have compiled a series of 38 outfits that one can wear if they are on a budget yet still want to dress like their favourite star #”KIM KARDASHIAN.” I will be posting one look each day for the next 38 days. These looks won’t be exactly like what she is wearing as that would be a tall order to achieve, but they are more or less close to the particular outfit in question. TOODLES…….